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Ian Lovett, Wary of Modern Society, Some Christians Choose a Life ApartThe Wall Street Journal.  Great article on Eggs Benedict, as envisioned by Alasdair MacIntyre, Dorothy Day, and Fr. McNabb.  As a rule, it is generally true that what small communities lack in helpful day to day secular input, they must make up for with national publicity and association with “spiritual abuse.”  The great comfort, for readers of the WSJ, should be that some dissidents in this repressive community are watching ppv UFC fights, have cellphones, wear miniskirts, watch cable Playboy 10 hours a day, and do and say many other things denoting progress.  Due to the magic of modern technology, you will hopefully have to read this fair and beautiful piece of literature by clicking though the link in Ian Lovett’s twitter status:  You can also read the very fancy Mr. Rod Dreher’s moderate, or even understated, enthusiasm for this groundbreaking piece at the American Conservative and many other places.  Rod Dreher, whose book on this very topic is set to come out next month, has a principled and disinterested admiration for media exposure and erudite writings surrounding The Benedict Option®.

Emma Green, The Christian Retreat From Public Life, The Atlantic.  This very intelligent article by the sympathetic Emma Green gets to the root of Mr. Dreher’s highly enlightened, but still not quite gay enough, weltanschauung. The fundamental question, it turns out, for every community of any sort is, “How enthusiastic are they about The Gay, and other Christian and Pluralistic values?”

Eric Posner, What does Bannon Think? And Does Trump Agree With Him?, Eric Posner.  A law expert tells us, “Bannon’s populism is more thoroughgoing” than Trump’s, and “it is impossible to imagine” Goldman Sachs plutocrat Steve Bannon “approving of Trump’s appointments of plutocrats from Goldman Sachs.”  Since, if we’re being honest, running Breitbart is much more enjoyable than chief-strategizing the White House all the time.  One wonders, though, if Bannon may have softened on this issue since the resignation of Breitbart’s famously temperate ex-senior editor and all around fun guy Milo Yiannopoulos.  It is good to have law experts explain things, since ordinary folk struggle when trying to apprehend complicated matters —or anything at all, really.

John Nieto, Art and Nature in the Village, The Josias.  At The Josias website you can now read an article mostly about the importance of observation of nature and interaction with it.  Here’s a taste:  “I will speak metaphorically and point out the World Wide Web as an impediment to man’s observation of nature and interaction with it.  The internet has become an intellectual contraceptive.”  But The Josias, of course, is, like, a good contraceptive.

Aelianus, Vicus in the De Regno, Laodicea.  Related to the above.  This one, although on the surface just an attempt to explain “streets” for the benefit of King Hugh, can be appropriated for modern times with a little translation.  Something like this, “Just as employment at Starbucks is divided into scholar, bachelor, and master and employment in the trades into apprentice, journeyman, and overqualified…

Pater Edmund Waldstein, O. Cist., The Integrists in Quebec and Yves Simon’s Correspondence with Charles DeKoninck and Jacques Maritain on the Common Good, Sancrucensis.  Two masterful articles conclusively establishing the thesis that Jacques Maritain either was or was not a Personalist, a question that keeps people awake at night as much now as it did in 1945.  Not that anyone reads Maritain, who is an incredible bore.  It’s just good to know that he, personally, was or was not a Personalist.

Mark Langley, Improvident but Cheerful: A Defense of the Unplanned Family, Lion and Ox.  Wherein Mark Langley provides a naive and ignorant argument for what stupid people would probably consider normal.  It is good we have La Leche League Catholics and the heroic NFP Constabulary to put a stop to this sort of thing.



Mark Langley, My Apology to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, Lion and Ox.  Linked in the previous.  An old piece wherein the very same Mark Langley advocates plastic knives.



Subsannabit, On the Sunset of the Pregnant Mule, Subsannabit.  Wherein a scoffer scoffs at something, or somethings.  No one really knows if anyone understood the scoffing or what it was at, but it was good fun.


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